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Radiation Toxicity

Radiation Toxicity

“Protecting Yourself and Your Family Against Radiation Toxicity”

An expert in the field of Electromagnetic Radiation and its damaging effects has issueda warning to the World community in his latest book. Dr. Sundardas Annamalay has published an eye opening new book entitled “Protecting Yourself and Your Family Against Radiation Toxicity”.

6 Major Learnings/ Take-Aways

What are common sources of non-ionising radiation toxicity?

What are the 5 steps you can take to reduce radiation toxicity?

How is your child’s brain affected by cellular phones and tablets?

How does flying increase your radiation toxicity by a 100 fold?

What are the three supplements proven to protect you against radiation toxicity?

The latest breakthrough that allows you to protect yourself and your family from WiFi radiation

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Dr Sundardas D.Annamalay

Dr Sundardas D. Annamalay is a best-selling co-author (Out Front), award winningentrepreneur, Professor of Natural Medicine and Naturopathic Physician. He has had 8earlier published books. Dr Sundardas has spent 30 years studying and researching intodifferent facets of Energy Medicine and also has an undergraduate degree in Physics. Hehas had more then 100,000 patient visits from patients from more than 6 countries over the last 25 years.

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